AQC Vol. 123 Hardback 2010

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Volume 123 - 2010
Papers Delivered in the Lodge 2009-2010

QC and AQC: The Challenges we face (Inaugural Address)

John S. Wade page 1

The Masonic Observer: A 'Specialist Masonic Publication Par Excellence'

James W Daniel page 15

The Royal Arch Jewel - An Explanation

Christopher Powell page 49

Promulgation and Reconciliation

C. John Mandleberg page 77

Freemasonry and Fascism in Italy in the 1920s

Fabio Venzi page 115

Other Papers

The Religious Origins of Freemasonry

José A. Ferrer Benimeli page 133

Freemasonry in East Africa 1903-63: A Barometer of Change?

J. K. Chande page 193

Provincial Grand Lodges in the French Craft, 1760-1828

Jean Murat page 231

The Durham Harodim and the Hiramic Legend

Conrad Culkin page 221

Augustus, Duke of Sussex, Grand Master of Greece 1823-43

Andreas C. Rizopoulos page 253

Notes and Queries

Bro John Belton page 267
Bro Anthony R. Baker page 270
Bro Yasha Beresiner page 273

Letter to the Editor

Bro Mark MacAlpine (Hong Kong) page 227


Bro. Dennis George Perrin

Bro Dr Roeinton Khambatta page 281

Book Reviews

Heredom, The Transactions of the Scottish Rite Research Society, Volume 18, 2010
Robert G. Davis

Reviewed by Bro Andreas C. Rizopoulos page 285

Masonic Formulas and Rituals transcribed by Albert Pike in 1854 and 1855
Arturo de Hoyos

Reviewed by Bro C.John Mandleberg page 287

The Transformation of Freemasonry: The Revolution of the World!
David Harrison

Reviewed by Bro Professor Aubrey N. Newman page 289

They call each other Brother: Secret Societies and the strange slow death of Mateship in Australia 1788-2010
Bob James

Reviewed by Bro John Acaster page 290

What's New in Other Masonic Journals

A. R Baker page 293

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