Craft The Tracing Boards of the First Degree

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With a Foreword by the Grand Master of the Sovereign Grand Lodge of Malta

The Tracing Board is a picture that encloses the quintessence of the ritual of the Degree and transmits it through symbols and images. Being an integral part of Masonic works, the Tracing Board is well known to every Freemason; yet very few of them dwell on its real meaning and on that of the symbols contained therein. The book is divided into two parts. In the first, the author analyzes the Tracing Board of the First Degree of the Emulation ritual: in it a precise plan for the spiritual improvement of man is traced. Each symbol contained in the Tracing Board is described, analyzed and explained under the historical, moral and esoteric profile. The second part provides an overview of the Tracing Boards and their associated symbolism through the analysis of images relating to jewels, drawings, Lodge cloths and First-Degree Tracing Boards, coming from different parts of the world.


Hardback 224 Pages

Highly Illustrated

Includes Diverse and Beautiful Examples of Tracing Boards of the First Degree

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Author Enrico Marcia
Masonic Order Craft
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