I Just Didn't Know That

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Many of us take for granted things we see and do in our everyday life, and if we knew more about a particular environment, we would be fascinated by what was revealed.

The same goes for Freemasons. Why are the meeting places called lodges? What is the origin of lodge furniture? When did they start wearing regalia? And why do they say certain words during the ceremonies?

Answers to these and many other questions are provided by the prolific Reverend Neville Barker Cryer, in this classic book.

Get your copy today for a fascinating walk around the lodge, learning about the different objects and discovering lesser-known aspects of the history and meaning connected with them. Discover a fresh look at the three degrees of Craft Masonry in an eye-opening account of the interesting background to these intriguing ceremonies.

This book would make an excellent gift to the newly-raised Master Mason or the outgoing Master. Whether in the Craft for years, or relatively new to Masonry, this book will be a real treasure.

Subjects include

  • The origins of our meeting place
  • A walk around your lodge room
  • Where did we get our clothing?
  • Why do we say that?
  • Neglected Aspects of the Craft Degrees
  • The puzzle of the Third Degree
  • Unknown parts of the Tracing Boards
  • Was there ever such a change?
  • What is the point in other than Craft Degrees?
  • Adventures of a Masonic author.
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Author Neville Barker Cryer
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